Maximise your Marketing Budget by Minimising your MarTech Stack

In 2023, Gartner reported that 75% of CMOs face pressure to cut marketing technology spend. They’re being asked to do more with less, which means several of them are readjusting their strategies for marketing channels, resources and programs. Is your team making every marketing investment count?

Great Marketers Pay Attention to the The 1%


Great work is a culmination of hundreds of tiny details – the 1%. Under-resourced marketing teams can often gloss over the small details like what MarTech stack they’re using, because they’re too busy to notice. Your MarTech stack is the collection of tools your team uses every day to deliver their best work. When your team undoubtedly scales, it’s important to have a MarTech stack that successfully streamlines day-to-day processes.

Say Goodbye to MarTech Fatigue 

Feeling overwhelmed with the data flowing through your MarTech stack? Do you spend more time navigating tools and trying to make sense of your data than building campaigns?

This essential guide is for you.

What You'll Learn

  • The hidden costs of a complex MarTech stack: Learn how inefficiency wastes resources and hinders your marketing ROI.

  • The framework for evaluating your MarTech ecosystem: Discover a proven approach to identify whether a toolset is right for your team.

  • Actionable tips for Measuring the Effectiveness of ABM: Once you’ve chosen your tools, discover how to measure results.

  • Real-world examples from industry leaders: Learn how successful companies are achieving more with a streamlined MarTech approach.

The Essential Guide to Building a Streamlined MarTech Stack
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Joe Allen

Joe Allen

Joe is Launched's Founder and Head of Sales. Joe is a dynamic leader with several years of experience working in B2B tech, and a deep understanding of marketing and sales. He inspires the team to achieve greatness, but is always focused on the big picture.